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About us

Your new way to Technology


is a computer consulting company that supports businesses with virtually any computing or IT needs in a fast and cost efficient manner. Many different industries in the construction, manufacturing, educational and medical fields have turned to our expertise for their computing and data management requirements.

XTC’s competitive advantages are:

  • Trained and reliable personnel
  • Up to date in the latest technology
  • Driven by quality of service
  • Constant evaluation, monitoring and update of your Computer Information System

We Provide

Experienced, reliable and dedicated consultants that are knowledgeable and accessible to meet all of your business’ computing and IT needs. XTC, LLC is committed to quality service and security is of our utmost priority.

Our Goal

Is to provide dependable and efficient solutions through excellence in service. We take pride in delivering responsive and timely solutions to all our clients by understanding that high quality IT services and solutions will enable their business to meet the economic and competitive challenges they will encounter in today’s markets.

Meet Our Team

Mr. Joaquín J. Arbona
Mr. Xavier Rosado
Mr. Luis Alvarez
Mr. Ruben Cruz
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  • Mobile (787) 647-1633
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